[Vision2020] Just say not (sic) to Peg?

Phil Nisbet pcnisbet1 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 21 19:27:06 PDT 2005

Wow, why would I not be amazed that a posting with an anon name like Jane 
Doe that is not signed and was sent through a re-router to make sure that 
nobody could trace it back, would commit political assassination on a 
Mayoral candidate for the City of Moscow?  And even less amazing is that Tom 
Hansen would immediately leap in as an amen chorus?

So, Hansen, is it perfectly OK with you for somebody to post a gutless 
attack in this manner?  I seem to recall you pounding on several folks for 
similar postings that did not come from real people.

Or is it that you think that any old piece of dirt that can be slung from 
ages past is fair game, Tom?  Would you care to have the Hansen family 
subject to similar kinds of assaults?  How would you care to have some 
anonymous poster start posting your past indiscretions to the web?  Ever do 
something when you were in your teens or twenties Tom?

But heck, let’s not look at the candidate’s actual positions, lets fling mud 
till the cows come home.  Honest elections must fit right in to your “Not on 
the Palouse, Not Ever”.

Phil Nisbet

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