[Vision2020] Schedule for candidate's forum

Art Deco deco at moscow.com
Thu Oct 20 11:31:28 PDT 2005


Like almost everything the Daily News does now days, the forum, its 
schedule, and its rules are ineptly thought out.  It may be time for the 
community to take concerted action to encourage the Daily News to lift 
itself out of its deep pit of sub-mediocrity.

This may be difficult as it appears that accuracy and keeping news and 
comment separate are pathetically low priorities for the 
management/editorial level of this struggling publication.

Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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> To the MP Daily News:
> Did you deliberately, inexcusably, make the forum schedule  BACKWARDS?? 
> The most important candidates, those who will serve FOUR  YEARS, and there 
> are NINE of them, you have them scheduled for the  latest time frame!!!
> There are only 2 2-year candidates & they have the first full hour.
> The mayor seat with only 3 candidates has TWO HOURS??? C'mon.
> And then, finally, when everyone's tired and ready to go home, you  put 
> NINE candidate, 3 of whom  will serve the longest.
> I was going to go to this forum, but I really don't want to be up til 
> midnight---or worse--I don't want the 9 candidates having only 3  minutes 
> each, wasting my time because I won't know any more about  them after they 
> speak than before.
> Shame on you.
> cynthia nichols
> moscow resident
> Vision 2020--what's your reaction?
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