[Vision2020] Wireless Manners

masrick masrick at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 13:43:41 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 13:35 -0700, Carl Westberg wrote:
> A couple of years ago I was at a Mariners game at Safeco Field.  Great 
> seats, just above right field.  There was a very well oiled fan sitting 
> directly behind us with a cell phone.  Starting with the 1st inning, he 
> started calling EVERYONE he knew to tell them he was at the game.  Not only 
> did he have to tell EVERYONE he knew that he was at the game, he had to tell 
> each and every one of them that he was "Sho closhe to Ichiro that he could 
> shpit on him."  Very loudly.  For nine innings.  Would I have been justified 
> in simply shooting him?                                                      
> Carl Westberg Jr.

nope, thats what the $10.00 a cup beer is for.. spilled all over his

(Orange Juice works even better, voice of experience)

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