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Thanks Bill!

I knew that Simon Bar Sinister (the bad guy from Underdog, for those
uninformed) couldn't have had anything to do with the formation of these
questions, but it is good to be sure.


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For the record....
The process I used in the creation of the V2020 candidate survey this
year is identical to the process used in the previous 4 election years.
This was an email based committee that never met in person.

I announced formation of the committee a few months before election and
asked for volunteers I took suggestions for questions from committee
people via email I produced a series of draft surveys (6 questions) and
sent to committee for refinement I sent final survey to candidates and
then sent their answers to Bill Moore at First Step for posting on

The members of the committee have varied over the years.  This year --
as I recall -- those who sent questions and participated in the survey
edit process were Bruce Livingston, Kenton Bird, and Pam Palmer.

The questions posed in the V2020 survey were quite different from the
ones posed by Joan Opyr.  Joan played no role in the V2020 survey
preparation this year. BL

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> Phil asks:
> "Just wondering how it is that without any poll of those of us who are
> subscribed and members of this open forum, any "questionare"
> from V2020 or
> for that matter a V2020 committee to devise such a was come up
> with."
> Phil (and other concerned voter-type people),
> On July 19, Bill London posted "The Elections Are Coming", a post 
> asking the vision2020 readership for questions to ask prospective 
> candidates. (see 
> http://mailman.fsr.com/pipermail/vision2020/2005-July/018936.html)
> Here's the text of the email:
> "It's election time in Moscow....The candidates are beginning to 
> announce for various races and the autumn filing date approaches. With

> the mayor and four council candidate positions open this year, it's 
> bound to be an interesting campaign.
> The V2020 Candidate Questionaire Committee has, for the last four 
> elections, provided an on- line source of the candidates' views on 
> specific issues. If you would like to participate in the committee's 
> work this year (creating the questions, communicating with the 
> candidates, etc), please contact Bill London at london at moscow.com
> The candidate questions and responses from the last four years are 
> preserved on-line at 
> http://vision2020.moscow.com/election/historic.asp
> If you wonder what this year's candidate said four years ago, this 
> historic record is the place to go.
> Our thanks, of course, go to the First Step Wizards for setting up 
> that web repository.  We appreciate their community-mindedness. BL"
> Of course this was back in July, which seems like a long time ago, and

> some candidates may have not even fully decided they were going to run

> again.  But the chance was offered.  How many took up the task, I 
> don't know.  I'd like to, as well as who they are.  Just for giggles.
> DC
> P.S. Vote for me :)
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