[Vision2020] It is all Doug Wilson's Fault!!

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 00:49:23 PDT 2005

Really peoples, not a day, hour, minute, moment, or
event seems to go by without Rose and the gang trying
in some vein way to to connect it to Doug Wilson. This
is classic symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder.

How did the geocentric orbit hoax, which it obviously
was, and nobody needed to call the President's office
to confirm it, in any way get connected to Doug
Wilson? It is not. There are over 30,000 people in
this county, and I bet over 3,000 of them could of
easily sent the letter out. Your evidence that Doug
Wilson did this was what?? That the person that signed
Tim White's name, signed it cleverly with Tim White
PhD UI President (Whoopie!), and that is a calling
card of Christ Church? Gee, they also used English,
and Doug Wilson uses English, they also used email,
and so does Doug Wilson! Gee, I think I see the
connection now! 

The only link between Doug Wilson and this letter was
some peoples constant fanatical obsession with all
things Doug Wilson.

I bet when Rose's toilet over follows she blames Doug
Wilson. If a bee stings her, it was Doug Wilson. If a
dog crapes on her lawn, Mrs. JO thinks it was Doug
Wilson's dog, or Doug Wilson. When Saundra shops and
picks up apples, it reminds her of something Doug
Wilson said. When Hansen drives his car, he passes
something that reminders him of DOUG WILSON, and take
s a picture. When Wayne gets his mail, he looks for
something to do with Doug Wilson. When property taxes
go up it is because DOUG WILSON made it happen. If
they forget where their car keys are, it was because
DOUG WILSON hides them.

Rose reminds me of the Janet on the Brady Bunch aways
saying, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Only it is Doug
Wilson! Doug Wilson! Doug Wilson! Doug Wilson! Doug
Wilson! and oh, one more thing, did I mention Doug

It is time to move on peoples. If you spent half the
time building up this community and helping people as
you spent ripping it apart maybe we could solve some

There are thousands in this community that need your
help! There are elderly persons that starve for people
to visit them, anyone! Hundreds of them, right here in
MOSCOW. There are children at McDonald Elementary,
right here in your community, that need adults to
tutor them, anyone that can add or read. Individuals
with disabilities to be assisted, many groups homes
right here in Moscow, pick one. There are puppies
locked in cages on White Street, just down the road
from Safeway, waiting for anyone to walk them, or show
a little affection. Trash needs to be picked up off
the Paradise Creek, trash that is bringing up acid
levels in the creek that are killing all the life
system. And yet you consider arbitrary zoning codes
more important? Please explain this to me how these
people, children, and even animals, in your own
community take such a back seat? 

Donovan J Arnold

--- Joan Opyr <joanopyr at earthlink.net> wrote:

> On Oct 6, 2005, at 12:31 PM, Doug Jones wrote:
> > Wow, Nick "suspected a hoax immediately." Good
> work, Nick.
> >
> > The humor is pretty flat; I hope no one over here
> did it. Ask Joan O.
> >
> > Doug Jones
> Yes, why not ask me?  Unlike those hilarious
> "skylarkers" at the Kirk, 
> I don't find vandalism amusing.  I didn't laugh when
> your Pastor's pals 
> altered the "Welcome to Moscow" sign to read
> "Welcome to Hooters," and 
> I was easily able to contain my guffaws when more of
> your lot (with the 
> aid of a now ex-University of Idaho administrator)
> used the 
> university's own photocopiers and fax machines to
> send out hoax 
> announcements of a "Topless And Proud" conference in
> the College of 
> Liberal Arts.  Ooh, my side.  Would someone please
> pass the feather?
> While I often laugh at you, Doug Jones, I never
> laugh with you.
> Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment
> www.auntie-establishment.com
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