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Phil Nisbet pcnisbet1 at hotmail.com
Sun May 29 17:46:38 PDT 2005

Geeh Wayne, lets break down your dis-information rant here;

"Is this the same Phil Nisbet who made a number of quite asinine oral and 
written statements on hydrology on behalf of Naylor Farms, whose principal 
is also a major investor in I-Minerals, Nisbet's employer, and who hopes to 
mine Naylor Farms land?"

First, you have never seen anything that I have written on the Geology of 
this area.  And Wayne, what possible basis could you have for claiming that 
anything I have said was 'asinine'.  My data and information has been widely 
used by Bush and others. At the last PBAC meeting John noted that without 
the work I carried out, the understanding of the area north of Moscow would 
not have progressed anywhere near to the better understanding we are now 

The principals at Naylor Farms are the Naylor Family.  The family members of 
Naylor Farms owns some shares, but are not the principal shareholders of, i 
minerals inc.  Would you suggest, Wayne, that if you buy a share of 
Microsoft, Bill Gates must be planning to build a plant here in Moscow?

i minerals inc is not associated with nor has it ever been associated with 
Naylor Farms.  There are no plans, as you suggest, for any minerals 
operations that involve i minerals inc in any area of Latah County except 
those in Helmer and Bovill.  As a public company, i minerals inc would be 
required to report any interest it might have or agreement reached with the 
Naylors, if any such agreement existed.  The reality is that there is no 
connection between the two entities.

"Is this the same Phil Nisbet who after reading a superb affidavit by Kevin 
Brackney, telephoned Mr. Brackney, repudiated his formerly expressed 
opinions, and claimed that the written and otherwise expressed opinions 
submitted to the IDWR resources by Naylor Farms under his (Nisbet's) name 
were really not his opinions?"

Yes, Wayne, I talked to Kevin on the phone, but no, Wayne, I did not change 
my opinion.  The data is there and opinions have to be formulated based on 
the data.  I called Kevin to discuss areas of his testimony which I found to 
be useful and suggested that once the politics and BS that you and a few 
buddies have generated die down, the geologists in the area need to actually 
review the data.

Because Wayne, I am concerned that water north of town is not really covered 
by any sort of management that will insure conservation of that resource.  
That is why, Wayne, I suggested and still suggest that an irrigation 
district be set up for the area north of town, which would protect the 
rights that property owners in that area have.

Under the current system, Wayne, only Moscow and Pullman and the 
Universities have any long term water rights.  If, as seems pretty obvious 
from the data, a uniform three layer semicircular basin based aquifer is not 
what exists here in the area, then people and property owners outside the 
city are going to end up losing their rights to water to slack the thirst of 
towns that seem to have done very little to conserve water.

Further, unrestricted development of the water north of town is happening as 
we speak.  Well after well is being drilled and more and more trophy homes 
constructed.  That will continue to be the case until such a time as it is 
handled by an irrigation district or alternatively, the farms in the area 
north of town become more profitable as farms than as real estate for 
housing development.

"Is this the same Phil Nisbet who offered no rebuttal to Brackney's claims 
(as above) made under oath at an IDWR hearing?"

This is classic, Wayne.  Kevin provided testimony at hearings.  I was not 
called to testify.  Why exactly would I offer rebuttal?

Now, is this the Wayne Fox who blithely slandered me in numerous letters and 
has yet to retract his false statements claiming criminality on my part?  My 
attorneys are suggesting that I should consider bringing suit against you 
Wayne.  I have refrained from doing so mainly because I realize that most of 
your actions are based upon ignorance, a quantity you seem to possess a lot 

Phil Nisbet

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