[Vision2020] Geeh melynda

Phil Nisbet pcnisbet1 at hotmail.com
Sat May 28 23:04:52 PDT 2005

While I can concur that Dale should not include commentary regards any 
person's kids, the comments on his website were not directed toward your 
children.  They were directed specifically at the concept you have of your 
union with your spouse.  Since you were willing to discuss that issue with a 
reporter and make it a matter of public record, it seems a little 
disingeneous to suggest that it should not be the topic for discussion by 
others in the public sphere.

As for the other posters to that Blog commentary section, not one of them 
that I can see is anonymous and not a single comment is made by any 
regarding your kids.  All of those comments are directed specifically at 
discussion of the validity or lack thereof involved in marriage preformed by 
a religious organization to which neither of the parties are affliated.  
Most of those posters are buddies of yours, including Tom Hansen and Steve 

Its not much fun to be the target of attacks, especially ones which are 
skewed and may be very far short of the mark of truth.  Lord Knows, you and 
your buddies have made me the target of such attacks for quite a while, 
feeling quite free to attack my character and credibility with impunity here 
on Moscow 2020 and for that matter in the other websites you have set up, 
including MCA's, POW's and in Joan's New West articles.  So does the mud 
slinging hurt Melynda?

Phillip Nisbet
111 N Asbury
Moscow, ID

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