[Vision2020] Talibans plural? No . . .

joanopyr at earthlink.net joanopyr at earthlink.net
Sat May 28 22:19:08 PDT 2005

In response to Nick Gier, Dale Courtney writes:

"I owe you an answer? I owe you an answer?  Funny. I neither work for you
nor am I one of your students who is in any
way in debt to you for anything.  I'm not sure where you come off thinking
that I owe you anything.  And before Mr. Logic starts twisting in the wind
-- just because I choose not to spend my time running around answering his
silly writings (like evangelicals are Talibans), doesn't mean that he is
correct . . ."

I interrupt this hissy fit to point out that Taliban is a plural noun, like
deer.  It's self-evident that Mr. Courtney is not now nor has he ever been
one of Nick's students.  If he were, then he'd know that Taliban is the
plural of Talib, or student.

Of course, the plural of self-important moron is Christ Church Head of
Household Meeting.

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

PS: Ah . . . that felt good.  I've been dying to scratch that itch all day.

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