[Vision2020] Wasting Time

Dale Courtney dmcourtn at moscow.com
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Working hard to undermine open conversation? Goodness no! There's no better
sport than going thru the Vision2020 archives that FSR has faithfully
archived and quoting the Intoleristas' open, unedited, un-deletable

Far from wanting to undermine it, I encourage it. 

Please, keep the great material coming! My readers eat it up. 

BTW, I'm still curious why my site is called "hateful" when the posts that
generate the most comment and vitriol are the quotes from Venom2020 posters.
Perhaps taking a look in the mirror...


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I'm noticing a trend . . . people who just can't leave Vision 2020
alone--whether they're posting 10 or 15 times a day, or generating blog
content from a safe and controlled distance--are the most angry and
dismissive about what a waste of time it is.  The folks who accuse the list
of the greatest rudeness and intolerance are notable for their own attempts
to shame or intimidate others.

If I were a conspiracy-minded person (okay, I did watch *The X-Files*), I'd
think that Dale and Donovan must really worry about the effect of open
conversation on Vision 2020--they're working so hard to undermine it.

Melynda Huskey

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