[Vision2020] Wasting Time

Melynda Huskey melyndahuskey at earthlink.net
Fri May 27 09:25:35 PDT 2005

I'm noticing a trend . . . people who just can't leave Vision 2020 alone--whether they're posting 10 or 15 times a day, or generating blog content from a safe and controlled distance--are the most angry and dismissive about what a waste of time it is.  The folks who accuse the list of the greatest rudeness and intolerance are notable for their own attempts to shame or intimidate others.

If I were a conspiracy-minded person (okay, I did watch *The X-Files*), I'd think that Dale and Donovan must really worry about the effect of open conversation on Vision 2020--they're working so hard to undermine it.

Melynda Huskey

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