[Vision2020] Face It Dale, And Apologize, If You Have The Spine, That Is!

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Dale et. al.
So labeling someone you have never met as "paranoid" in bold type on your web site as a response to a Vision2020 post where the individual you labeled as "paranoid" merely posted the contents of an article with no comment whatsoever is a response from you focusing on the "facts" of the issues discussed in the article?
I have debated with you before on V2020 and found that you have a very convenient style of debate.  If someone makes a point that is difficult for you refute, you just ignore it.
Like you have ignored my comments recently on V2020 about your blog statement regarding my "paranoia."  Maybe you responded on your web site, but I don't waste my time monitoring your site.  I want an apology from you on V2020 so all my fellow "Intoleristas" on the list can read it.
Your statement regarding my "paranoia" added nothing whatsoever to a rational fact based discussion of the issues in the article I posted to V2020 that prompted you to post that statement on your web site.
I know you know what "argument ad hominem" is!
Face it, Dale, and apologize on V2020, that is if you have the spine for it!  You decided to insult me personally on your web site utilizing a lame psychological slam implying any concerns I may have over the reliability or potential for tampering of computerized voting systems is just "paranoia."
I don't care how many hits your web site gets.  Since when is popularity a sine qua non for truth or ethics?
Ted Moffett
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Dear Rose,
There were many reasons for my leaving Vision2020 and quoting posters off of Vision2020 vice debating on Vision2020. First, I found this list totally a waste of time. Latah County is a solidly Red county.  Vision2020 posts are nearly across-the-board from Intolerant-Leftists. And non-thinking leftists at that. You can make a factual point and you are vilified as a person as opposed to dealing with the facts. 
Example: MSD has the 2nd highest per-pupil spending in the State of Idaho; it has the highest admin costs of any district in Idaho; and its actual student spending is in the bottom forth of the State. 
Response: Dale lies.
No one outside of our small company here actually reads Vision2020 postings.  So, I've gone elsewhere (www.right-mind.us, www.MoscowEducation.org, etc). The hit-count on Right-Mind is 604,333 since October 2004 . 
Google up Vision2020 in Moscow and find how many hits you get. When people Google Moscow, they don't find Vision2020; they find Intolerista quotes on my blog sites. 
So, I carry on my statistics; my pretty graphs; and online discussions on my site with whoever wants to engage. And I don't delete their postings. If they say something nasty, it stays (just as Tim Rigsby about his comment about my wife) as do inane comments. Just like Vision2020 -- they hang out there for the world to see. 
So, nothing has happened to change me. I'm just quoting Moscow's Intolerista on my blog for the world to see and behold. 
Maybe quoting you all just makes me appear nasty? 
PS -- Am I in violation of your copyright laws by replying to you here? What's the difference between replying and archived on Vision2020 verses on my blog? 

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I don't know the law, but I have a nodding acquaintance with courtesy and respect.  I know you to be capable of being civil, generous, kind, erudite, and Christian.  What happen?
"One cannot level one's moral lance at every evil in the universe. There are just too many of them. But you can do something, and the difference between doing something and doing nothing is everything." Daniel Berrigan

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