[Vision2020] neo-Confederate resolution

Bill London london at moscow.com
Mon May 23 16:42:41 PDT 2005

A response to Doug Wilson:
As noted on V2020, you wrote on your website: This morning I filed a public records request with the City of Moscow. In that request I asked for "all notes or records of communication between city council members and any other person, regarding a 'neo-confederate' resolution and Black History Month proclamation entered at the Moscow City Council meeting of February 3, 2004."

Just to save you the trouble, I confess. I suggested in an email to some Moscow City Council members that the council should pass a Black History Month or resolution that Neo-Confederates were not welcome in Moscow.  I did this on my own, and if there was a conspiracy, I do not know my fellow conspirators.
    I thought that Neo-Confederates, as members of organizations identified as racist hate groups, should not be in Moscow (even though you invited them to your conference).
    I did get at least one response from council members (saying no).  None of the council members agreed with me.  The resolution I suggested was never offered to the council.
    Are you sure this is a big deal?
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