[Vision2020] NSA not a college?

Kit Craine kcraine at moscow.com
Sat May 14 10:32:11 PDT 2005

Like Mr. Arnold, I was at the May 12th hearing concerning NSA’s use of 
a building in the Central Business District. The question at that 
hearing was whether the Zoning Administrators decision that NSA’s use 
of the property could be considered a use “similar” to a commercial 
school and therefore allowable in the CBD was correct. The ZBOA decided 
it wasn’t.

There was NO question that NSA fits the zoning code’s definition of an 

This is not simply Mr. Curley’s claim.

The Zoning Administrator has stated that IN WRITING when NSA was 
located in a residential zone; his letter of January 22, 2005 
(available at www.zonemoscow.com) discusses the history of both 
commercial schools and educational institutions as permitted uses in 
the CBD; it states “I acknowledge that the current use of New St. 
Andrews College is not explicitly listed as a permissible use . . .”.

During the hearing, when asked by the Zoning Board of Adjustment, 
whether NSA fit fits the zoning code’s definition of an EDUCATIONAL 
INSTITUTION, the answer was YES.

Despite this evidence offered at a hearing when  Mr. Arnold was 
present, he claims that NSA fits the definition Trade/commercial school 
rather than an Educational Institution. The adjectives from the entire 
definitions dispute that.

47. Institution, Educational. A college or university supported by 
public or private funds, tuitions, contributions or endowments, giving 
advanced academic instructions as approved by the State Board of 
Education or by a recognized accrediting agency, excluding pre-school, 
elementary and junior or senior high schools, and trade and commercial 
schools; including fraternity and sorority houses.

80. School, Commercial. A program whereby instruction is given to 
pupils in arts, crafts or trades and operated as a commercial 

NSA offers A.A. and B.A. degrees in liberal arts and culture. These are 
academic studies, not arts, crafts, or trades.

Furthermore, the code does NOT state that the institution must be 
accredited. According to the code, criteria is whether it is giving 
instructions as approved by the SBOE or by a “recognized accrediting 

Again, at the hearing there was no question of whether NSA was offering 
an approvable course of study. In fact, when the board raised the 
question of accreditation, NSA’s answer was that it was in the process 
of becoming accredited and that the State treats it as if it is.

Why beat the definitions dead horse? The question this community now 
needs to discuss is whether downtown is the appropriate place for ANY 
school, college, or University.

Kit Craine
Thus democracy died, stabbed in the back by false rumors and malicious 

On May 13, 2005, at 8:11 PM, Donovan Arnold wrote:

> Nobody said it was not a "college".
> Where do you get these straw-man arguments from?
> City Code defines three different types of educational
> buildings. Trade/commercial schools, Schools, and
> Educational Institutions.
> "Schools" are K-12.
> "Educational Institutions" are ACCREDITED universities
> and colleges. We have one of them, it is called the
> University of Idaho.
> NSA is neither of these.
> It does however, fit the definition of a
> "Trade/commercial school".
> Trade schools ARE allowed downtown.
> DO YOU GET IT!!  Do you understand? Please tell me you
> do. I do not know how to make this more simpler? It is
> so elementary.
> Take Care,
> Donovan J Arnold
> --- J Ford <privatejf32 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> On NSA's own site, they make it very clear they ARE
>> a college:
>> "Mitchell Stokes accepts new faculty position for
>> Fall 2005"
>> "Eighth Commencement, May 11, will honor 27
>> graduates"
>> "College has until June 2005 to buy a fully
>> catalogued library--valued at $3
>> million--for less than $300,000!"
>> If they are not, they need to change their own
>> information to the public,
>> not to mention their name:
>> "New Saint Andrews College".
>> Can't have it both ways.
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