[Vision2020] Spinoza Again On V2020?

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Thu May 12 00:22:50 PDT 2005

Joan et. al.

Years ago before Christ Church abandoned V2020, I posted some info on
Spinoza, which was commented on by Doug Jones and Luke Nieuwsma.  I
assume Joan was referring to the philosopher Spinoza, and not a
spinning protozoan?  I sometimes read text I have written long ago and
wonder who the heck wrote that?  Not I, certainly!

Here is an excerpt from Sunday (appropriately) 25th of May, 2003:


All the cool people investigate cool theologies of different kinds!
With an open mind, of course.  God is far too vast and complex an
"idea" to be understood only one way!  The test for humanity that the
"divine" has placed before us to be open to all the various
manifestations of the divine on earth.  People who
explore spirituality in this manner are the chosen people.  The rest have fallen
into the dogmatic trap of comfortable narrow belief, beliefs which in no way
can encompass the immense incomprehensible nature of the divine.  Such
narrow dogmatism is an insult to the divine.


Parts of this discussion is available at these links:



Ted Moffett

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