[Vision2020] High School Students Unengaged

Ron Force rforce at moscow.com
Wed May 11 17:09:41 PDT 2005


Many high school students are not challenged or engaged by classroom
activities or homework assignments and projects. That's one of the
conclusions drawn from a survey of 90,000 teenagers from 26 states; the
study, released earlier this week, is part of the High School Survey of
Student Engagement. Indiana University professor Martha McCarthy, who
directs the project, says the findings should be "a wake-up call" for
educators and students alike. Among the survey's other troubling findings:
As students advance through high school, they are "less likely to feel
challenged to do their best work." Only 56 percent of students surveyed said
they put a great deal of effort into schoolwork. Read the full USA Today
story, "Survey: High School Fails to Engage Students."


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