[Vision2020] When will we see this on the anti-public school blogs?

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It is unfortunate that we have not had a close look yet on Vision 2020 at how Logos (expectedly, in its Pseudo-Christian tradition) discriminates against the disabled.

However, I am sorry to report that Dale Courtney and Cult Master Wilson do not have time to respond to your post right now.  Dale and the cult master will be the only models and each will be giving personal testimony at the upcoming Christ Church Rubber Undergarment Revue this weekend.

Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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  Dear Visionaries,

  For those interested in how private schools perform as compared to public schools, you might want to check out the following: http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0510/p11s01-legn.html.  It would seem that when you standardize for differences in socio-economic status, public school students outperform their private school counterparts.  Anyone want to bet when/if this will appear on Dale Courtney's or Jack Wenders' blogs?

  Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

  PS: For those who object to accounting for socio-economic differences, I have four words for you: "annualized salaries" and "Cato Institute." 


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