[Vision2020] The Politics of Experience (definition ofschizophrenia)

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Thu May 5 20:37:18 PDT 2005

Pat et. al.

I offered a reference for reading on the subject of mental illness, and 
various controversial issues involved on this subject, written by a psychiatrist, 
R. D Laing, who had a lot of experience dealing with the mentally ill.  You 
might read the book before dismissing what I said.  

Info on "The Politics of Experience" here:


Consider the following point, that can be read at the link above, from a 
reviewer of "The Politics of Experience:"

"To be well-adjusted to our modern dysfunctional society is not healthy for 
the individual or society. Who is more dangerous? Laing asks: the psychotic who 
mistakenly believes he carries a hydrogen bomb in his stomach or the 
perfectly adjusted B-52 bomber pilot who will drop very real hydrogen bombs when 
ordered to do so?"

Ted Moffett
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