[Vision2020] LCSO Drug Dog

Bill London london at moscow.com
Fri Mar 25 15:52:01 PST 2005

As I recall, several weeks ago when you began posting to V2020, you
mentioned that the Sheriff's Office was planning to get a drug dog.
I asked you several questions on V2020 at that time, and must have missed
your response.
Please resend your response.  I was wondering how effective drug dogs are in
locating various illegal drugs, and how much the drug dog/deputy will cost.
In addition, now that your department has this dog, I wonder what are the
drugs Kilo is trained to find, and how effective Kilo is in locating them
(what does scoring fourth in Idaho mean?).
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> Visionaries:
> Please see the attached press release regarding our newest member, Kilo.
> I've also attached a photo since he's awful handsome.
> --Jennie
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