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Well, then, what about discussion of the genius musician Jane Siberry?  Or is 
this also not a fit topic according to your standards for V2020?  

Actually, some of her music and poetry aims directly at the heart of the 
debate regarding patriarchal authority based views of the Sacred vs. a view of the 
Sacred less aimed at male authority and rule by dictatorial revelation.  This 
dichotomy underlies and is critical to many of the problems facing humanity, 
don't you think?


love is everything they said it would be
love made sweet and sad the same
but love forgot to make me too blind to see
you're chickening out aren't you?
you're bangin' on the beach like an old tin drum
i can't wait 'til you make the whole kingdom come
so I'm leaving

-----Jane Siberry

Hmmm.... Do these lyrics somehow connect to the ideology of Christ Church?  I 
say they do, but I will not explicate.

Excerpt from the album "When I Was A Boy" by Jane Siberry.

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