[Vision2020] Baseless Claims ?????

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
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I agree with you 100%, Rose -


Those of you that feel that claims made against Doug "His Whineyness" Wilson
are false and groundless are invited to review:




This website has been publicly available since December 17, 2003 and will
continue to be so.


This is NOT an orchestrated, ill-guided, anti-religious attack.  We are
simply clearing out some closets and turning over a few rocks.  If what we
find (or what is provided to us) is disagreeable to those hiding their
secrets in closets and under rocks, so be it.


To quote Harry S Truman, "I never did give them hell.  I just told the
truth, and they thought it was hell."


There will always be updates to the website as long as there are closets to
open and rocks to turn over.


Until then . . .


Take care of yourselves and each other.


Tom Hansen

Not On The Palouse (or Monroe, Louisiana), Not Ever



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Although I have made it clear that I sign all my emails I take great
exception to the notion that concerns expressed about Wilson, Inc. by
Captain Kirker are based on "false claims and baseless gossip."  The problem
(for Christ Church leaders) is that they are not false claims.  Eventually
lies are found out.  What lies have been told about Doug Wilson or his
minions?  It is the case that the truth has reached the Light of Day, not
the reverse.  And the truth will make us (and the congregation of Christ
Church) free.  


Rose Huskey





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