[Vision2020] Moscow Chamber is public too

Debbie Gray dgray at uidaho.edu
Fri Aug 27 17:06:01 PDT 2004

I don't understand how deleting a source of income will help remove 
an alleged "financial cloud" from the Chamber of Commerce.

And, unfortunately, this is what happens with tax money. We don't 
really get the opportunity to vote with our tax dollars. It's put in 
a pool and spent as elected officials (the thing you can vote on) see 
fit in order to benefit (hopefully) the majority of their 
constituents. Thus, I don't get to vote with my tax dollars that I 
would rather spend money on park improvements instead of improving a 
parking lot. Or letting my tax dollars pay for swine manicure 
technology, etc.

I think Vision 2020 needs a hobby.


On 27 Aug 2004 at 17:07, Bill London wrote:

> Thanks Linda for the update.
> I am very glad to hear that the city no longer makes an annual
>   automatic donation of $10,000 to the Moscow Chamber. And I again 
>   the same request of the Council -- until this financial and
>   ideological cloud is removed from the Chamber -- that my tax 
>   not be used to support it. BL ps. For some reason known only to
>   techno-wizards (and thus not to me), my computer refused to accept 
>   new addresses when I updated my address book to include the new
>   Council members.  So, this original message went to the previous
>   council.  sorry.

DebbieGray          dgray at uidaho.edu

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