[Vision2020] MY Pick for President '04

Tim Lohrmann timlohr at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 27 13:09:33 PDT 2004

    As some of you may have suspected, I have found it difficult to support either major party candidate this election year.
    However, I have now found a candidate I can support in good conscience. I only hope you will review the campaign information below and join me in this new and innovative campaign.
         Nominee of the "GOOD AVERAGE" PARTY
         FOR  PRESIDENT   
                  VOTE MARTINEZ '04                                    
                                        A man of vision for America
    From his roots in NYC, to his youth in Puerto Rico, to his glory days on the shores of the majestic Pacific, Mr. Edgar Martinez has proven his loyalty, dependability and ability to "come through in the clutch."
                      The beloved "Papi" greets supporters on the campaign trail.
   As President, Edgar will lead our nation into a new season of productive competition, clearing all the fences in his path, while doubling or even tripling average expectations.
                     Martinez promises "papi-power" to the people.
     With energetic and athletic support from fans across the political spectrum, Edgar will not waiver in his stance. No adversity--whether  strikes, steals,  bad weather or "yankee" imperialism--will deter Mr. Martinez in his pursuit to lead the World in a Series of accomplishment
                      Edgar won't give up when his efforts are brushed back.
                                     DESIGNATE  EDGAR 
                         YOUR HITTER IN WASHINGTON

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