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Fri Aug 27 12:56:37 PDT 2004

Darrell writes:

>Sounds like a stereotypical made-for-tv movie plot revolving around a small town when you think about >it.  A man stands publicly accused by an unnamed source.  A would be town religious leader stirs the >pot.  Rumors fly!  Gossip flows!

>Maybe we could get Martin Sheen to play Kimmell.  Auntie  Establishment could have a cameo in a >protest scene.  Doug Wilson could be played by Werner Klemperer.  And the part of Captain Kirker could >be played by...  The Shadow?  The Invisible Man?

Cameo?  Ha!  I want a line in every scene.  And what's more, I have no intention of playing myself.  I want to be played by Johnny Depp.  It's my hope that he'll wear his "Pirates of the Caribbean" costume rather than his "Edward Scissorhands," but I'll take what I can get.  Johnny has style and Johnny has nuance; he could dress as Gina Gershon in "Showgirls" and still manage to convey my true essence.

I, too, wish that Captain Kirker would reveal him/herself, but I suspect that s/he has his/her own good reasons for not doing so.  The tales of Mr Wilson's vindictiveness are legion.  I have heard too many sad stories from too many sad sources not to take them seriously.  The memo Captain Kirker forwarded bore the Christ Church imprimatur.  Presumably, it came from "the inside."  Unless, of course, you want to adopt the Marion Barry defense, AKA "bitch set me up," I'd simply add it to the growing body of circumstantial evidence that Mr. Wilson, despite his frequent denials, takes a keen interest in local politics.  Does the memo have any value beyond the mere accumulation of gossip?  Probably not.  In fact, it's just a distraction.

The real questions are questions for Paul and Paul alone; Doug's inclusion just muddies the waters. Perhaps that's the intent?  After all, which charge would you rather defend yourself against, managerial incompetence or religious persecution?

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

PS: In Vision 2020: The Movie, Doug will not be played by Werner Klemperer.  I've already been on the phone to Kevin Smith (AKA Silent Bob) and he's very enthusiastic.  He loves playing against type.   

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