[Vision2020] Moscow Chamber is public too

Linda Pall lpall at moscow.com
Fri Aug 27 12:48:55 PDT 2004

Dear Visionaries, Bill and members of the 2001-2003 City Council:

Bill characterizes a budget allocation of $10,000 to the Chamber in the FY
2004 budget as "the city of Moscow gave the Moscow Chamber $10,000 as the
city's regular, annual donation." The FY2004 budget was passed by the
previous council in 2003. It contained a $10,000 allocation (not a donation)
to the Chamber for its work promoting the City of Moscow. I am not privy to
the exact agreement or supporting documentation that accompanied that budget
decision of the last Council. The records of this would be on file with the
City and could be examined.

The present Council has taken a different road already this year in July
when we considered the budget and in August when we passed it unanimously.
We have asked that all of our economic development funds (Chamber, LEDC,
Downtown Revitalization, economic strategic plan dollars, etc.) be united
under the City Supervisor so that our economic development efforts could be
more targeted and coordinated. The Council will be reviewing our role in
economic development and the opinions of the entire community as to the
issue of growth and development in the near future.

(1) No funds have been earmarked for the Chamber in the FY 2005 budget.
(2) There is no "regular annual donation" other than the dues which the
city, like many other businesses, pays to join the Chamber. We have in the
past participated on some chamber projects of particular benefit to the
City. This year, we're considering our economic development expenditures a
little differently.

I am only one of six council members, but I would anticipate that we will
consider allocating our economic development dollars where they will do the
most good.

All the best,
Linda Pall
Moscow City Council

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> The Moscow Chamber of Commerce may be organized as a private non-profit,
> but it is a public entity in many ways.
> First, the Chamber represents the city to prospective businesses,
> families considering moving here, and community visitors.  And more
> importantly, my tax dollars -- and those of everyone here in Moscow -- 
> are used to help fund its existence and its programs.
> In 2004, the city of Moscow gave the Moscow Chamber $10,000 as the
> city's regular, annual donation.  In response, the chamber is supposed
> to help with the economic development of our community.
> What the Chamber board is not supposed to do is give the community
> another black eye by advancing the Christ Church agenda and lauding
> Robert E. Lee.  What the Chamber board is also not supposed to do is
> ignore the concern and input from its members and from the members of
> this community.
> I urge the Moscow City Council to cease payments of our tax money to the
> Moscow Chamber of Commerce until the Chamber board removes this
> financial and ideological cloud.
> BL
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