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As I said...He lost yes but he did go on to lead a school. And Professor
Hume of WSU has a great letter from him that he reads as a part of his Civil
War class. He just may have something to teach us all about going on and not
giving up just because we have lost a cause we worked hard on. He knew
Lincoln, he was a general in the most divisive war we've had, so the things
he wrote after are very interesting. I'k like to suggest that since we don't
know what Paul was going to say about Lee or what part of his life he felt
was worthy of presenting in a leadership meeting that some of you might have
jumped the gun without any real information. But, you'd probably think I was
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> Um, please explain.  I really don't follow here.  The South lost, OK, yes.
> Lee surrendered, OK, yes.  I don't know about you, but I didn't learn
> anything new today.
> I guess this means that losers and those who surrender have nothing to
> us?  Correct me if I am wrong, but you didn't expound much on your lengthy
> thesis.
> I think that we would be foolish if we only used what is said by the
> in war.  While I am not a historian (but I pretend to be one in this
> I do believe this would be a lousy way to study history.  In fact, there
> some that say there is often more to be learned in the studying of those
> defeated then those victorious.
> My team lost a softball game the other day, and the strangest thing
> happened.  I went to work the next morning and there were messages on my
> voicemail.  I called these people back and told them I had just lost the
> night before, why do they want to hear from me?  I mean, I lost!  How
> a person who just lost be of any value?  How could a wise person loose?
> Ted Ryan
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> > Memo to Commissioner Kimmell:
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> > The South lost and Lee surrendered.
> >
> > Over & out.
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