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I join with Melynda and Joan in welcoming Elder Alan Stout to Vision 2020.  
Always nice to have a new voice join the conversations.  Tell us, Elder Stout, 
did Hurricane Charlie hit your part of Florida? Or are you a different Alan 
Stout than the co-pastor of Providence Community Church in Pensacola, Florida? 
>From the picture on your web page of what I supposed to be the interior of 
your church, you are fortunate to serve in such a, well, grand structure.

I note that the church website has a link to *Credenda Agenda*. . .so Doug 
Wilson's work is not exactly foreign to you, is it?  I also note that your 
church website is linked to Trinitas Christian School. 

"Trinitas Christian School is also a member of the Association of Classical 
and Christian Schools (ACCS) and, Lord willing, will seek accreditation through 
them in the years to come."  

Probably you didn't realize that Doug Wilson and a few friends started ACCS 
several years ago, or that its headquarters are here in Moscow.

Isn't it curious how your lives seem magically to intersect?  Could this be 

If you are retiring from the Navy next year, as your biography suggests, you 
might be considering a move to Moscow.  You'll find a school that is not 
dissimilar to Trinitas.  Oh, except at Logos School, Robert E. Lee's birthday is 
celebrated - and it didn't seem to be on the list of holidays at Trinitas.  
Isn't that ironic?  In Florida, where one might expect to find some nostalgia for 
that *noble* fellow, you folks overlook the opportunity to celebrate his 
birth--while here in northern Idaho (at least among some groups), there is a rather 
particular affection for neo-Confederate celebrations.  Just a hint.  You 
might want to bone up on Lee if want to impress Doug.  Steve Wilkins, a close 
friend of Doug's--would you believe it?!-- preaches practically next door to you 
in Monroe, LA.  He's written what I'm sure is a splendid little pamphlet 
called "The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee.  
(The used copies start at $6.50--I'd go that route if I were you.)

Once again, Mr. Alan Stout, welcome to our little chat group. Vision 2020 is 
an excellent source of information on Moscow.  This is a wonderful town, with 
committed, concerned citizens and a vibrant and diverse population.  And, 
while I'm sure you don't own one, just in case some well-meaning parishioner tucks 
a Confederate flag into your luggage, you might want to lose it before you 
get to Moscow.  We're funny about that sort of thing--it doesn't resonate with 
the more thoughtful members of the community.  

Rose Huskey
(proud mother of Melynda Huskey, and mother-in-law of the world's funniest 
writer, Joan Opyr)

"One cannot level one's moral lance at every evil in the universe. There are 
just too many of them. But you can do something, and the difference between 
doing something and doing nothing is everything." Daniel Berrigan
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