[Vision2020] What's Wrong With Tye Dye?

Debbie Gray dgray at uidaho.edu
Sun Aug 15 19:15:48 PDT 2004

Thus spake the Scholarly Insightful and Wise Debbie

*expletives deleted*
I meant to say and thought I said that if we only had a downtown that made
roomfor tie dye shops, incense shops and tattoo parlors, etc. then the
rest of the stores would likely remain vacant (ie. dead and dusty). And I
think I can generalize a bit and say conservative Xtians aren't the
onlypeople that buy a biscuit at Zumes or a bottle of beer at Bucers. And
And that dredlocked Greenpeace members named Twig Dust aren't the only
shoppers at the local other restaurants. I think there is room for both.
For nurse uniforms stores, comic book stores, body piercing, antiques,
xtian science reading rooms, jewelry stores, multiple bakeries, bars,
tole painting, pet sweaters, Redneck Regalia, ice
cream stores (WAIT! They've been driven out by ... ohmigosh! I miss my ice
cream store visits downtown much more than my college bar visits) and so

But oh well, you all can interpret and misinterpret it how you will
because that is a much easier way for you to place me into some category
which I am apparently a resident of in Tbertruss at aol.com and
donovanarnold at hotmail.com land.

By the way, has anyone read 'Under the Banner of Heaven' by Jon Krakauer
(sp?) I am only 1/4 into it and it's pretty disturbing...

can't wait to see how that will be reinterpreted...


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