[Vision2020] What's Wrong With Tye Dye?

Tbertruss at aol.com Tbertruss at aol.com
Sun Aug 15 15:14:38 PDT 2004

Debbie et. al.

Just maybe the scholarly, insightful and wise Debbie can enlighten the intolerant among us as to how we really should read the words she wrote that seem plain enough, but no... Debbie insists they say something other than what they appear to say!

Debbie wrote:

"However, I'd much rather have a vital downtown
that will attract and impress residents and visitors instead of a
dead and dusty downtown with only room for tie dye shops, incense
shops, tattoo parlors, etc."

This reads as though you imply that a "dead and dusty downtown" "with only room for tie dye shops..." will NOT "attract and impress residents and visitors..."  How do you write this wording on this subject, and then later suggest this statement was in no way meant to disparage in any way, shape or form, "tye-dye?"  

What you IMPLY, it appears, in your post on this subject, is that shops oriented to promote fundamentalist Christianity will "attack and impress residents and visitors" more than "tie dye shops, etc."  Again, how is this not disparaging tye-dye compared to shops promoting fundamentalist Christianity?

Well, the shops you appear to defend as being so healthy for the community will attract more fundamentalist Christians, so if that is the direction you want for your community, consider promoting more tax breaks for Christ Church...

Ted Moffett

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