[Vision2020] Paul Kimmel and Doug Wilson

Andreas Schou scho8053 at uidaho.edu
Sun Aug 15 15:24:28 PDT 2004

> Where else but Venom 2020 could you have the following situation?  
> A private
> internal church document (which may have been stolen) is presented 
> out of
> context (indeed the lone sentence supposedly quoted was altered) 
> by an
> enraged Christ Church hater who doesn't have the integrity or 
> courage to
> identify himself (Captain Kirker).  Yet, on this basis the Nasty 
> Nine who
> have ruined Vision 2020 are calling for Paul Kimmel's head on a 
> platter.  

If the parties involved signed a confidentiality agreement, then the document in question is confidential. If they did not, then the document has an unwarranted expectation of confidentiality. If there has been a break in at Christ Church's offices, then the document was stolen. If there was not, then the word you are looking for is "leaked."

If pastoral confidentiality was breached, I apologize, though I had nothing at all to do with it. I might note, however, that no part of the document containing pastoral council was released by CK. CK may or may not have parts of the document containing pastoral council.

The fact is that Paul Kimmell did not recuse himself from decisions regarding Christ Church at a time when he had a financial stake in Church prosperity. Then, as everyone involved admits, his pastor claims that he is "open to oversight" on "some matters," which is to say that, in his capacity as commissioner, he acts as an agent of the Church.

This entire matter carries more than just a whiff of iniquity.

> Today, in truly paranoid fashion, Wayne Fox accused Ted Ryan of 
> being Doug
> Wilson and others voiced their concerns Christ Church will 
> takeover CJ's,
> The Beach, and Tidyman's.  When will they realize that aliens 
> intent on
> taking over the world have begun their evil work by invading the 
> bodies of
> Christ Church members?

Please excuse Wayne. He's a little paranoid.

But the number of sock puppets that've joined the discussion puts a little on edge. The ratio of real to pseudonymous Christ Church members that've joined the list in the past six months is just about 1:1.
> Hats off to Debbie Gray who wisely wrote:
> "These constant Christ Church/Doug Wilson/Paul Kimmel/anyone with a
> [different] opinion ad nauseum attacks are ugly. What are YOU 
> doing to
> improve anything in Moscow or for it's future?"

The debate about the Christ Church -- even that part of the debate which must occur in BoE meetings and court -- is fine with me. Christ Church affects our property taxes. It affects our community image. It affects our community identiy. It is all of our concern.

What is, however, inexcuseable, are the attacks on anyone who has become bored with Christ Church discussion. 

> She's right on.  Paul and Doug have worked for decades to make 
> Moscow a
> better place by building Moscow up.

Oh, nonsense.

-- ACS
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