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Donovan "I don't want Kimmel's head on a platter" Arnold fails to realize
that the police, after a thorough investigation, exonerated Paul Kimmel.
Hmmm, Paul was cleared of all wrong doing?  That's right.  And if you knew
Paul, that wouldn't surprise you in the least.  He's a good guy.


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Umm Jack,

That information can be found by reading the CC Constitution online.

Second, Kimmel may have violated the law, and had a conflict of interest. 
Only an idiot would not want at least some questions answered when a legal 
trial has shown that a Commissioner may have committed a crime.

What have I done for my community? Lots, but I am not going to brag about 
things I have done. But one thing I haven't done, is write a book talking 
about the compatibility of Slavery and Christianity. Nor have I founded a 
church that discriminates against Gays and Women.

If this is your idea of working to make Moscow a "better place", I am glad 
if I am one of the "Nasty Nine" that ruined this forum for you.

I also hope to undo all the hard "wonderful" bigoted and illegal work that 
Kimmell and Wilson have done. What a bummer it will be for you when Moscow 
has County Commissioners that are not bought off and full of people keeping 
Gays and Lesbians from enjoying things like Health Insurance.

Take Care,


PS, I don't want Kimmell's head on a platter, I just want him to answer a 
couple of questions.

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>Where else but Venom 2020 could you have the following situation?  A 
>internal church document (which may have been stolen) is presented out of
>context (indeed the lone sentence supposedly quoted was altered) by an
>enraged Christ Church hater who doesn't have the integrity or courage to
>identify himself (Captain Kirker).  Yet, on this basis the Nasty Nine who
>have ruined Vision 2020 are calling for Paul Kimmel's head on a platter.
>Today, in truly paranoid fashion, Wayne Fox accused Ted Ryan of being Doug
>Wilson and others voiced their concerns Christ Church will takeover CJ's,
>The Beach, and Tidyman's.  When will they realize that aliens intent on
>taking over the world have begun their evil work by invading the bodies of
>Christ Church members?
>Hats off to Debbie Gray who wisely wrote:
>"These constant Christ Church/Doug Wilson/Paul Kimmel/anyone with a
>[different] opinion ad nauseum attacks are ugly. What are YOU doing to
>improve anything in Moscow or for it's future?"
>She's right on.  Paul and Doug have worked for decades to make Moscow a
>better place by building Moscow up.  This they have done cheerfully, 
>the hate-filled snipers on Venom 2020.
>Jack Van Deventer
>jack at moscowUSA.com
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>I am curious why people are insistent that Paul Kimmel is a mindless
>puppet of Doug Wilson. Of course people are influenced in many ways
>by the people they associate with! I don't see anyone jumping all
>over the Moscow Civic Association for having undue influence over
>Nancy Cheney or John Dickinson (and this has nothing to do with them,
>their decisions, etc. It's JUST an example). Perhaps Paul Kimmel or
>Nancy Cheney, etc. hold certain views that are reflected BY the
>people they associate with. That doesn't mean there is MIND CONTROL
>going on.  And wow, what would happen if we all got out of our little
>superior silos and associated with each other? GASP!!! Imagine...
>Also, regarding your example of domestic partnership benefits for
>Latah County, I don't see that Paul Kimmel was going out on some wild
>tangent that is so dissimilar to viewpoints of other republicans and
>so incredibly obvious that he was not making a decision of his own.
>Just because you don't agree with something does not make it: 1.EVIL;
>2. The result of mind control; or 3. WRONG. This whole conflict over
>gay marriage should plainly illustrate that to you. Some people
>oppose it, some people support it. Does everyone that oppose it
>belong to Christ Church? No. Does everyone that belongs to Christ
>Church oppose? Perhaps, but I don't think Mr. Wilson speaks for
>everyone. Perhaps they chose that church because it comes CLOSEST to
>what they believe, not necessarily that they are in lock-step with
>that particular persons opinions. I know I have belonged to various
>organizations that I support because I agree with the majority of
>their ideas, that doesn't mean I agree with everything they do. Think
>of Greenpeace or Sierra Club or things like that. I like a lot of
>what they have accomplished but I don't necessarily support every
>single activity they undertake. But who else would I donate money or
>time or whatever to in order to make those activities I like happen?
>These constant Christ Church/Doug Wilson/Paul Kimmel/anyone with a
>difft opinion ad nauseum attacks are ugly. What are YOU doing to
>improve anything in Moscow or for it's future? So what if Christ
>Church opens a religious trinkets store in the perhaps vacant CJ's?
>If there is no market for it, it won't last. If there is a market,
>who are you to judge whether it should be there or not. It's not like
>they are selling illicit drugs or child porn. Would you rather have
>all those businesses vacant? I don't believe in or support things
>that Christ Church (or any other religion, they're all cults to me)
>has as their charter. However, I'd much rather have a vital downtown
>that will attract and impress residents and visitors instead of a
>dead and dusty downtown with only room for tie dye shops, incense
>shops, tattoo parlors, etc.
>I agree with Tom Hudson's question: What are you individually or as a
>group doing to improve your town (besides obsessively compulsively
>googling things about Doug Wilson)? Is there nothing else in this
>community that inspires you to action (actions, not words and endless
>email debates)?
>Debbie Gray
>DebbieGraydgray at uidaho.edu
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