[Vision2020] Re: Vision2020 Digest, Vol 3, Issue 77

Donovan Arnold donovanarnold at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 21:31:44 PDT 2004

Ted R.,

You say you are a reasonable person. So why have you not answered my 
questions or responded to my email regarding your statements and argument?

While I don't agree with you Mr. Ryan, I don't think you sound like mean 
person, and I certainly don't think you are anybody other than Ted Ryan. 
Nonetheless, I don't think you are thinking logically or in a rational 
matter if you bother to read my email you would understand why.

Please read it.


Donovan J Arnold

PS, it is easy to get caught up in personal attacks on this list. I am a 
slow learner and have found out the hard way, on more than one occasion that 
NOT responding to the personal insults is better than overreacting and 
saying something worse.

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