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Joan Opyr auntiestablishment at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 15:49:15 PDT 2004

Ted Ryan observes and asks:

> The narrow-mindedness expressed here is really appalling and, not very diverse
> or tolerant.  Which is it, diversity and tolerance, or intolerance and
> diversity void?  You can't have it both ways.

Sure you can.  You can be intolerant of intolerance.  You're posing this question in a very Wilsonian way, Mr. Ryan; you're assuming that any genuine tolerance of Doug's right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression would oblige us to recognize his right to think and act without criticism.  Sorry; ain't no such thing.  There is room on the Palouse for you and me and Doug and Tom: that's diversity.  And you and I and Doug and Tom have the right to think and speak as we see fit: that's tolerance.  The judicious application of criticism does not create a conflict between tolerance and diversity.  Everyone has the right to be an angel or an ass, just as everyone has the right to applaud or boo.  I'm booing.  I don't like unelected parsons claiming a right to oversight of elected officials.   

But I don't expect, as a consequence, to see a "For Sale" sign in Doug's yard, and I won't be packing up and moving to Poughkeepsie because Doug has agitated against Latah County's extending domestic partner benefits.  I won't give in to Doug; I won't be evangelized.  I'll simply go on sharing a hometown with him, just as I've done for the past twelve years, and when he steps on my toes, I'll holler.  We don't need to paper over our differences to be a tolerant and diverse community; we can live together without living in agreement.
Now -- back to the topic at hand -- isn't it interesting that here we are, once again, talking about Doug Wilson?  Originally, this conversation was about Paul Kimmel.  It's Paul who has been asked the question about oversight; why is it Doug who has answered it?  Have the two merged?  Is there no meaningful distinction between them?  That's the issue.  That's the concern.

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