[Vision2020] Auroras over Moscow

Chris Storhok cstorhok at co.fairbanks.ak.us
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Hi aurora fans,
Some of my best memories of Moscow/Latah County involved the auroras.  In
particular, I remember in July 1986 walking across Guy Wicks field watching
one of the most brilliant displays I have ever seen of white and green
sheets; in October 1998 from my old backyard in Viola watching what appeared
to be a "hurricane" as white, red, blue and green swirled into a giant storm
cloud with the eye over the top of Moscow Mountain; and in the winter of
2002 watching a great display from the parking lot of the ice rink at the
Fairgrounds.  When I worked for Latah County as the Rural Development
Services Director I used to love the late night drive back from Bovill city
council meetings because most of the time I could watch the auroras.  I
would encourage all of you to drive out to an area near Bovill on a night
that an event is forecast and enjoy the show, light pollution is minimal out
there  (and there are a lot of pull-over sites that have a great view of the
northern sky). 
The following link takes you to a site with numerous other links to aurora
forecasts, photos, and so forth.  Enjoy!
Chris Storhok

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Jasper and Rose:

As a result of being a sky watcher and night owl, and living far enough away
from city lights to make sky watching easier (city lights can ruin auroras),
as you do also Rose, I have seen auroras over the Palouse more times than I
can count.  I'm not sure what Jasper means by "really big ones," but auroras
big enough to be worth watching happen more than once or twice a year around
here, by my estimation.

Being in a valley will obscure your view of the North perhaps, which is
where auroral activity probably happens the most.  But given where you live,
Rose, a very short hike up that hill south just a small ways will give a
good view to the North.  With a significant auroral display you should be
able to see them from your yard.

I'm a bit amazed, Rose, you have not seen a good auroral display from where
you have lived.  I have seen them countless times, and as you know, this is
very near your neck of the woods... Sometimes I call the local radio station
to coax them into telling people over the air.

Rose, I bet you are not out at night watching the sky that often.
Next time I see some significant auroras, if this happens again, I will fire
off an e-mail, or would you accept a phone call?

I jump up and down and point and yell when I see auroras ... some people
just never grow up!

Ted Moffett 

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