[Vision2020] Health Insurance Question

Donovan Arnold donovanarnold at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 7 16:47:33 PDT 2004

Sorry to sound so stupid, but I guess maybe I am,

I finally was able to get Health Insurance after 5 years of not being able 
to afford it, I mean real health insurance, not fake health insurance like 
UI offers where they charge you but don't really cover anything I needed.

So I am not very experienced with health insurance coverage and was 
wondering if someone could explain what this means,

Preexisting conditions:

"The preexisting medical condition waiting period only applies if you have a 
condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was 
recommended, or received during the six months before the enrollment date."

My question is, "If I was not diagnosed as having something, but had 
something and need to see a doctor about it because it has been bothering me 
for the last six months, is this covered? And what if I was diagnosed for 
something years ago, not in the last six months,  but not treated for it 
because it was not covered in my former health insurance policy?

I am confused, because I haven't been diagnosed with anything in the last 6 
months because I didn't have health insurance, so does this mean they will 
or will not treat me?

I hope I am clear, and would appreciate anyone's input on the question of 
preexisting condition exclusions policys for Blue Cross-Blue Shield, that 
you may know and be able to explain to me.

I am not complaining, I am just curious, I am actually happy to once again 
have health insurance.


Donovan J Arnold

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