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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri Aug 6 12:26:56 PDT 2004

Darrell Keim stated:


"Has anyone here ever made a political email from their state owned email?
Has anyone here used the internet for personal use while at work?"


Yes, Mr. Keim.  I am aware of isolated instances where University of Idaho
employees have used their uidaho.edu e-mail addresses not to campaign for
political candidates, but to support local organizations that portions of
the Moscow citizenry have considered political (i.e. Citizens for Quality
Education, CQE).  These people have been counseled and told not to use their
uidaho.edu e-mail addresses for anything not job related.  Since then, there
have been no (defined as "zero") reoccurrences.  I will admit that I was
subscribed to Vision 2020 using my uidaho.edu e-mail address.  However, once
it came to light that I was posting to Vision 2020 using my uidaho.edu
e-mail address, I was fiercely counseled.  Since that time, I have
restricted myself to my Moscow.com e-mail address when posting.  However, if
you are interested, at this time (right now), I am not posting from my
office from the UI campus, but from my home at __________ Avenue, right here
in ____________, Idaho.


Concerning personal use of the internet, Governor Kempthorne has established
a "zero tolerance" policy to combat such infractions.  This policy is
strictly enforced on the campus of the University of Idaho.


When certain acts are identified as wrong, they are not considered
acceptable simply because somebody somewhere else is committing that act.


Simply put:  When something is wrong, it is wrong.




Enough said.


Take care,


Tom Hansen

Somewhere in __________, Idaho

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