[Vision2020] Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger Exonerated

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Fri Aug 6 12:49:22 PDT 2004


Recently, former Clinton administration National Security advisor Sandy 
Berger was being lambasted in the media, accused of what amounted to theft of 
sensitive documents.  His name was being dragged through the mud all over the 
media, no doubt about it.

Today on the Diane Reems show on NPR the Wall Street Journal article just out 
that reveals that former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger has 
been cleared of wrong doing regarding improperly handled documents was 
discussed.  Several members of news organizations were interviewed, questioned 
regarding why this story that Berger has been cleared of any misconduct has received 
scant attention.

And we have a liberal bias in the media, so the conservative critics say?  
Another Clinton associate gets plastered in huge headlines, then cleared of 
guilt in the back pages where only a few read.

Whatever sells the news: scandals, exciting; cleared of guilt, boring.

The profit motive when allowed to dominate as the sine qua non of the Fourth 
Estate is destroying democracy.

Ted Moffett 
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