[Vision2020] Balancing it out . . . somewhat

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Balancing it all out . . . not at all.  The group who produced this ad, calling themselves "Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth," is the same bunch who ran the scurrilous 2000 South Carolina primary campaign against John McCain.  As you might (or might not) recall, McCain was accused of having "turned" while being held as a POW in a Vietnamese prison camp.  He was described as a "Manchurian Candidate," accused of having ratted out his fellow soldiers, and it was suggested that he suffered from mental illness  You can call that balance if you like; I call it slander.

BTW, none of the veterans featured in the "Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth" ad actually served with John Kerry.  There were six men on Kerry's swift boat: five support his campaign; one is deceased.  Hooray for John McCain in calling on the White House to condemn this ad.  It's a disgrace.

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment  

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Take from it what you will, because I'm sure it's all a right wing
conspiracy . . .


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