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Mike, Pat, et al,

Perhaps the following might be of interest:

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Four days after esteemed journalist Bob Woodward revealed new ties between
President Bush and the Saudi Arabian government, the president has yet to
directly address the charges. According to Woodward, Saudi Arabia issued a
"pledge" to Bush to "increase [oil] production several million barrels a
day" over the summer "as we get closer to the election" (1).

Last month, Saudi Arabia led the fight within OPEC to cut production and
raise gas prices in America to record levels (2). However, since Woodward's
charges became public, the president has not answered whether that earlier
move by the Saudis was part of a deliberate effort to raise prices now so
that prices could then be lowered closer to the election.

The new allegations once again put President Bush's close ties to the Saudis
front and center. Despite the Saudi government's potential ties to
terrorists and 9/11 (3), the president still calls the Saudis "our friend"
(4) and Vice President Cheney continues to dote on the royal family (5). As
CBS News reports, Bush has "personal and deep financial ties with the Saudi
royal family" (6).  Author and journalist Craig Unger, who wrote House of
Bush, House of Saud, documents $1.4 billion that has "made its way" from the
Saudi royal family to "entities tied" to the Bush family.

1. "Saudi Envoy Promised Bush a Drop in Oil Prices Ahead of Election",
Bloomberg News, 04/09/2004,
2. "Saudi envoy plays nice with White House on oil supply", USA Today,
3. "Saudi Government Provided Aid to 9/11 Hijackers, Sources Say", Los
Angeles Times, 08/02/2003, http://daily.misleader.org/ctt.asp?u=2415934&l=29985.
4. President Bush Vows to Bring Terrorists to Justice, 05/16/2003,
5. White House Photo Gallery,
6. "The Tangled Web Of U.S.-Saudi Ties", CBS News, 04/20/2004,

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|   Interesting idea. The UN is corrupt, and so we should just let the corrupt
| US take care of Iraq? On a certain level, thats an appealing thought; I've
| never been a fan of fixing beaurocracy by adding more beaurocracy to it.
| However, I'm not sure the UN could be more corrupt/incompetant than the US,
| in this situation. Maybe it (the UN) would be slightly more focused on
| actually stabalizing the situation, and less focused on liberating the
| Iraqis even if it kills them (or drives them into debt so deep they have no
| choice but to sell their oil to us at a discounted "liberator" rate.) But I
| guess we'll never know.
|   For the record, if you look at the byline on the article ("Kenneth R.
| Timmerman is a senior writer for Insight and author of The French Betrayal
| of America, just released from Crown Forum"), you can get a bit of an idea
| of where he is coming from. I'm not going to say you can get unbiased news
| elsewhere, but this guy is so far from unbiased news, he can't see it with a
| telescope on a clear day. I wouldn't hesitate to say the same thing about
| the rest of the site, but I could've just been reading the wrong parts.
| Another interesting article from the same site:
|   My favorite line: "Those of us who believe in God, who believe in
| America's innate goodness, who believe in marriage and family, honesty and
| morality, and all of the other great things that America has always stood
| for are the patriotic Americans. And those who don't believe in these values
| simply are not."
|   That was easy. Patriotism isn't loving America even though it does stupid,
| corrupt, unforgiveable things, in the hope that it will change. Patriotism
| is about thinking that we're living in a Norman Rockwell painting.
|   Sorry for the change of subject there. That just caught my eye. The
| Patriotism article just screams "Make fun of me!"
| -Mike Weatherford
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