[Vision2020] Don't criticize Bush..

Rob Keenan benjamin_barker@hotmail.com
Fri, 9 Apr 2004 09:17:30 -0700

That dichotomy is pretty telling. And the funny thing is, if you look at our
past history and the founding of this nation, it is our right and sacred
honor to criticize a government when it no longer represents us.

In fact, here's s snippet of the manifesto I wrote July 4, when I was
feeling particularly patriotic:

"I believe one can be patriotic and still criticize their government. I
believe in the fundamental foundations of democracy, a system rooted in the
belief that every person's voice must be heard. When one's voice is not
heard, it is their sacred duty and obligation to speak louder, by whatever
means necessary. I love this country for what it does right and I chastize
it where it fails. I believe that had it not been for a group of ragtag
political dissidents, this great nation would never have been founded -- I,
for one, am grateful to those outcasts from preventing me a life of eating
blood pudding and trying to wrap my head around the rules of cricket."

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> Does anyone else find it disturbing that in the last couple of days,
> Republican senators have made statements such as this from Georgia's Saxby
> Chambliss:  "It's incumbent upon all Americans to rally around the
> leadership of this country in times of great crisis in the world when we
> the leader of the free world and not to incite the other side."  I just
> heard another Republican senator say virtually the same thing this
> In other words, those of us who question and criticize the Bush
> administration's handling of the war of Iraq are aiding and abetting the
> enemy?  Perhaps even being unpatriotic?
>    Carl Westberg Jr.
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