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Speaking of fast-food quality, has anyone noticed the sub-standard quality at the local McD's compared to Lewiston, etc.?  I'm talking about the watered-down drinks (any more and I'd think I was drinking straight water), elimination of fry sauce and colder food temperature, etc..  McD's is one of my favorite fast foods, but I avoid going to any of the local locations.


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I just have a couple of extremes for my likes and dislikes when it comes to customer service in Moscow.  As a former fast food employee, I understand that customer service can be sporadic, and sometimes you just catch an employee on a bad day.

The best: The night crew at Jack in the Box.  A friendlier, more polite group of people could not exist, and bearing in mind that it is their low-paid job to serve grade x meat to stoned/drunk college kids, I think they deserve our commendation.

The worst: University 4 theater.  I do not remember the last time I saw a movie there where one aspect of the film kept going out: focus, etc.  It makes one consider just driving the extra seven miles to Pullman to see Hellboy.

-- Sara Anderson

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