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Robert Dickow dickow@uidaho.edu
Sun, 21 Sep 2003 12:50:37 -0700

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From: "Donovan Arnold" <donovanarnold@hotmail.com>
> Explain to me exactly how you would be able to tell which clone committed
the crime without fingerprints even though you had video tape, DNA, blood,
and alibis?

Both clones are guilty.

But more seriously...

Any number of other ways and perhaps technical ways I don't know about. How
about evidence associating a particular clone with their respective
whereabouts.... signs of routes taken, residences, etc? There may be
witnesses of facts other than simple identification based on the physiognamy
of the clone at the scene of the crime. The clone may have subtle
identifying features. They may have a tic or characteristic habit... like
scratching their nose or turning their feet out slightly. (Juries might
'evolve' so that such subtle evidence becomes more significant in twin/clone
defenses and doesn't result in 'reasonable doubt'). Also, other forensic
evidence could play a part. Fibers from clothing left at the scene. Traces
of food particals left during a sneeze that were traced to a nearby
fast-food joint that are found in the perpetrator-clone's
stool/stomach/blood. That sort of thing. This could get hazy if the crimes
are committed nearby the associated twin clone(s). But we could go on
forever with this line of argument. I still think that it is reasonable to
hold the opinion that the existence of clones in a population would not pose
a risk of conspiratorial crimes of the sort under discussion to any
significant degree. Sure, difficulties will arise, and also the possibility
of such crimes and crime detection/prosecution difficulties, but what else
is new? Of course, the possibility exists that law enforcement can't pin the
crime on someone because they are a clone, just as you assert. I'm simply
arguing that the frequency of such crimes being 'successful' and the
practical usage of clones for these purposes by criminals would not be a
significant threat.