[Vision2020] Wesley Clark debate

Tom Hansen thansen@moscow.com
Sat, 20 Sep 2003 07:16:35 -0700

In his glorious wit (or lack thereof) Mr. Arnold stated:

"To explain it more clearly. Mr. Hansen was making up scrap about Clark. So
in turn, I was calling him on the fact that he really never served under
Clark. I would have just taken Mr. Hansen on his own word if he was neutral
on the subject. So, I was giving him scrap by bring up the facts that Clark
did not take over Ft. Irwin Operations until August and Mr. Hansen left in
September, meaning he is not there long enough to give an informed opinion
of Clark's abilities or inabilities."

I was simply stating my opinion that Clark is pompous.  You may have
construed it as a statement of fact.  You apparently are struggling with
your ability to segregate implied statements of fact and expressed opinion.

By "neutral" I assume that you mean for me to fall in line with you and your
fellow lemmings?

And (again, for the umpteenth time) my opinion of Clark is based not on my
personal experience, but on statements shared with me by friends that served
under him for a longer time.

At first, yoiu simply wanted evidence that I was at Fort Irwin at the time
Colonel Clark was Commander of Operations Group.  I offered a scanned
picture of me (then SFC Hansen) being awarde the Army Commendation Medal by
Colonel Clark.  I wen on to say that I do not like him based on comments by
my friends (see above).  You (applying your infinite wit) suggested that I
have my friends provide you copies of their retired Army ID cards.

Now who is twisting (mangling) what, Arnold?

Tom Hansen
SFC, US Army (Retired)