[Vision2020] Reverse Bush's Policies: General Wesley Clark

Dale Courtney dmcourtn@moscow.com
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 18:19:21 -0700

> Hillary will never become president.  America is not ready for a women
> president and will not be ready for this, if ever, for a long time coming,
> long after H. Clinton is history.


I'm not in full agreement. I *do* agree that Hillary will never become
president. However, I disagree that we won't see a woman president.

The majority of Republicans/Libertarians that I know are willing to vote for
a conservative/libertarian woman to be President; same with a minority

I bet that if a woman from the Right ran, that it would be the Liberals who
would vote her down.

FWIW, for many it really *is* about principles and not about discrimination.