[Vision2020] Moscow city pay raises

Jim Baillargeon jjbaillargeon@moscow.com
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Exellent points, BL,....Why do i doubt that electing "public minded" council
members is going to change a bloody thing??
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>     When it was time for the Moscow City Council to give out raises last
> year, they made sure that it was Moscow's city administrators who got
> most of the money.  These administrators' salaries were boosted by as
> much as $11,000 annually.
>     The rank and file workers (the ones who actually clean the streets
> and weed the parks) were not so privileged.  Most got a one-percent
> raise.
>     The Council chose to use our tax money to give more to the already
> well-paid, and a token to those who could really use it.
>     And now, the Council is covering up the results of that impropriety
> by refusing to tell the public how much of our tax money those
> administrators actually receive from the city.
>     As was reported by Ted McDonough (Daily News, August 30) City
> Attorney Randy Fife refuses to give out the total salary the
> administrators (like himself) receive.  Council members should be
> disgusted by this effort to hide legitimate salary questions regarding
> public officials.  They are called public officials since the public
> pays their salary--and the public has every right to know how much they
> are paying.
>     This city government is in need of an enema.
>     I am ready for the election of some public-minded Council members in
> November.
> BL
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