[Vision2020] Donald Rumsfeld-speak

Bob Hoffmann escape@alt-escape.com
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 18:09:42 -0800

At 05:00 PM 1/17/2003 -0800, Don Kaag wrote:
>>You assume that things in Iraq would have been better had we toppled 
>>Hussein.  However, given our history of installing and/or supporting 
>>rulers who kill both their own subjects and sometimes those of their 
>>neighbors, I don't make the same assumption."
>...so, how do you explain the present-day democratic states of the Federal 
>Republic of Germany, Japan and South Korea?

No, I suspect he's talking about Iran, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, 
Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, and a number of other countries where (more 
recently that the 1950's) the U.S. has toppled democracies and/or supplied 
militaries with arms used to exterminate segments of the population.

Oops, I made one major omission in the above list.  Iraq.  Much of its 
military was built by the U.S. and other Western powers.  Small example: 
helicopters used to spray poison gas were Made in the U.S.A., bought from 
the U.S.A.  When Iraq invaded Iran, the U.S. even supported a U.N. 
resolution preventing Iran from purchasing weapons to defend itself.  It 
all seemed pretty sensible then, and was supported by a U.S. population who 
thought the cost of one million Iranian lives was sufficient penalty for a 
nation that had allowed the kidnapping of 52 U.S. citizens.

For those who were cheering the Iraqi invasion of Iran (and I fear that 
would be the majority of those on the list who are old enough to remember 
that war), have you learned anything since?

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