[Vision2020] Ike and the Rose Bowl

John Danahy jdanahy@turbonet.com
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 15:57:29 -0800

While I am certainly no expert on college gridirons and the associated
expertise in the classroom that has been extolled here, I can but show
my surprise at the responses to Don.  The idea that college athletics
promotes academic excellence, nay even academic mediocrity, is clearly
ludicrous.  College football is big money, and entertainment, nothing

Certainly there have been attempts to regulate college sports to justify
academically the large expenditures, but the real life response has been
to do whatever it takes to get the "superstar athletes" on the field of

While I do understand, vaguely, the need to support the home team, the
Cougs clearly received what my dear old granny would have characterized
as a well deserved whupping!  Is it because the Cougs are better in the
classroom than the football field?


John Danahy