[Vision2020] The Rose Bowl...

Linda Pall lpall@moscow.com
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 11:16:42 -0800

Dear Don and Visionaries,

The Rose Bowl was a big disappointment for those of us who were cheering on
our students who are part of the Cougar team... this was really important
for them and it didn't work out. I take offense at the characterization Don
made of the team as "large, semi-agile goons" on either side. I don't know
the Sooners but these WSU students work hard (at least the ones in my
business law classes) AND they love their game. There's more to it than
you're giving them credit for.

WSU, Pullman, the Palouse, alumni, parents and friends of the team can all
be proud of students who did a good job whether from Washtuckna, Washington,
or Compton, California. The school is richer for having the program, both in
monetary terms and human terms.

I thought the WSU marching band clearly came out ahead... Malaguena has
always been a band favorite of mine, piccolo in place.

By the way, my students, football players and band members included, read
some fairly difficult cases and learn to sort out some challenging
Constitutional and statutory problems affecting American business. I
eventually returned to MY book of choice for the holiday about Thomas
Jefferson (The Sphinx), despite wanting to give a consolation hug to my
students who wanted so much to do well and get the Rose Bowl win.

Happy New Year to all...

Linda Pall

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> Visionaries:
> So, I logged onto my email this morning and there was nothing posted on
> Vision 2020 but dirges about the Cougs' lackluster performance in
> Pasadena.
> Was there a Rose Bowl game yesterday?
> For those of us who would rather read biography and History than "get
> our game face on" and watch large, semi-agile, goons run into each
> other on the vidiot box, WSU's dismal performance in the Rose Bowl is a
> mere bagatelle.
> Given that most of the WSU squad were not even Washington natives made
> it even less attractive.  You'd have thought that they would have
> performed better in front of their home crowd, however---since many of
> them are from California.
> I didn't even know who won the game until I, as usual, sorted the
> sports page out of the SR and into the discard pile this morning, in
> pursuit of the funnies and political cartoons.  Back to Ambrose's essay
> on Dwight David Eisenhower's contribution to the founding of  NATO, and
> the eventual withering-away of the Evil Empire (Steven Ambrose was
> Ike's designated editor and biographer...).
> Keep your chins up.  Perhaps WSU can hire another coach who can make
> his name by taking the Cougars to a Rose Bowl and then bail to a REAL
> football school prior to the big game.
> Heh, heh,
> Don Kaag
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