[Vision2020] Reference to "Answers Research Journal" Not Endorsing Biblical "Creation" Theory

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 00:01:16 PDT 2023

This reference to K.  A.  Emanuel's 1991 paper on hurricanes, which I
double checked with other sources, taken from :"Answers Research Journal,"
at second website below, is not meant as an endorsement of Biblical
"creation theory," apparently the focus of "Answers Research Journal," as
quoted.   A pdf reference to the actual paper:
Kerry A. Emanuel
Center for Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology,

Emanuel, K. A. 1991. The theory of hurricanes. *Annual Review of Fluid
Mechanics* 23:179–196.
"Emanuel (1991) extended the theory of hurricane development for
sea-surface temperatures warmer than those presently observed on earth and
predicted the development of massive hurricanes he called hypercanes."
*"Answers Research Journal* (ARJ) is a professional, peer-reviewed
technical journal for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific and
other relevant research from the perspective of the recent Creation and the
global Flood within a biblical framework."
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