[Vision2020] 9-7-23 NHC: Hurricane Lee Forecast Discussion "Amazingly, the 1800 UTC HAFS-A and -B runs show a peak intensity between 170-180 kt, "

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 23:17:29 PDT 2023


"Additional strengthening appears likely, as Lee remains in a
low-shear environment and over very warm waters near 30 degrees

"Amazingly, the 1800 UTC HAFS-A and -B runs show a peak
intensity between 170-180 kt, but that's getting into rarefied air."



"Six Degrees
• Terminology: Pangea, chalk, Cretaceous Period, dinosaur,
tempestites, Gaia theory,
red tides, Permian Period, limestone, mudstone, shale, foraminifera,
conodonts,*hypercane*, ozone, ultra-violet (UV) radiation, hydrogen


"Emanuel (1991) extended the theory of hurricane development for
sea-surface temperatures warmer than those presently observed on earth
and predicted the development of massive hurricanes he called
hypercanes. "



Hypercanes: A Possible Link in Global Extinction Scenarios

Kerry A. Emanuel et. al.


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