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by Idabel Ambler Gilman

First on the list is Washington, Virginia’s proudest name;
John Adams next, the Federalist, from Massachusetts came;
Three sons of old Virginia into the White House go—
‘Twas Jefferson, and Madison, and then came James Monroe.

Massachusetts for one term sent Adams called John Q.,
And Tennessee a Democrat, brave Jackson staunch and true.
Martin Van Buren of New York, and Harrison we see,
And Tyler of Virginia, and Polk of Tennessee.

Louisiana Taylor sent; New York Millard Fillmore;
New Hampshire gave us Franklin Pierce; when his term was o’er
The keystone state Buchanan sent. War thunders shook the realm
Abe Lincoln wore a martyr’s crown, and Johnson took the helm.

Then U.S. Grant of Illinois who ruled with sword and pen;
And Hayes, and Garfield who was shot, two noble Buckeye men.
Chester Arthur from New York, and Grover Cleveland came;
Ben Harrison served just four years, then Cleveland ruled again.

McKinley—shot at Buffalo—the nation plunged in grief,
And “Teddy” Roosevelt of New York served seven years as chief.
Taft of Ohio followed him. Then Woodrow Wilson came—
New Jersey’s learned Democrat; war set the world aflame;

And when the tide of strife and hate its baneful course had run,
The country went Republican and Warren Harding won.
No duty would he shirk,—he died while on a western trip;
Coolidge of Massachusetts then assumed the leadership.


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